Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Should Probably Know Something About Tea First...

We just had yet another unplanned 'elaborate' business meeting over breakfast at the MUB, where we covered everything from napkin holders to fabric swatches to the 'uniform'. And now I am even more confused! What I think we really need now is a good starting point, and I agree with Aly (who would know better than I) that it has to be with a solid business plan--# 10 on her checklist--haha. With that in mind, I set off to peruse yet another website on instructions on how to do this when it occurred to me: I don't know a damn about the actual product we intend to market: TEA! I'm not sure I should even be admitting that, but it is the beginning, and well, anything flies when you're just starting out, right?? So, I went onto Teavana's website just to get an idea of how many teas one business could come up with, and what I came up with ended up being 29 pages of copy & pasted material on my Microsoft Word document. *sob* For anyone remotely interested in ALL the tea in which that 'growing' company has to offer, just check out their website. So, it seems, for now, I'm stuck doing more reading than ever. But hey, I guess we've gotta start somewhere, and it doesn't really make sense to sell something you can't explain in depth to your customers, right? UPDATE: We also discussed a name for our company today. I'm not ready to reveal it yet (competition--ha!), but I will put everyone's mind at ease that it will not be "Joe's Tea-Bags" (although I can't stop laughing everytime I think about that...)

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