Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tea on the Brain

Well it's quite late and I'm exhausted, but I just can't get this Tea Business out of my mind! I started out looking up some recipes and found quite a few, although how many is too much? And how much variety do we need? And how come every time I scan the menu of another tea bar, they offer full meals? I wish I could find all the time to bake everything I want to, but I guess for now, research is all I can do. Anyhow, then I moved onto the decor and I found a million cute things and was thinking about how great it would be to have a variety of teacups for our customers? There is this cute place nearby campus and they actually hang different coffee mugs on the wall and you can serve yourself at the counter. It's convenient, although I wonder if tea cups would be too delicate to just hang on the wall? Probably. I'm still searching for that one thing (or many?) that is going to make OUR tea business better than all the rest. I know we need to have something, and I guarantee we will come up with it eventually-- but my patience has never been that great and so I will continue to do tons and tons of sporadic research at the crack of dawn...

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